Our Story

Dinoshakes® have been carefully created to make delicious tasting milkshakes for kids. The family founders Ricky, his father Sheldon, together with Brother-in-Law, Colin and family friend Paul wanted to create a product they’d be happy to give to their own kids and grandkids.

They have over 20 years experience in the food service industry, and have worked hard to perfect the Dinoshakes® recipes to ensure they achieve their mission.

Our products

We believe great taste comes from great ingredients, that’s why our products are made from all natural ingredients. We don’t add any artificial colours, flavours, sugars or preservatives to our mix.
Because our products are aimed at kids, we didn’t just want to make them great tasting and filled with goodness, we wanted them to be fun!

So we created a family of dinosaurs. Meet the Dinoshakes® herd, Sienna, Benji, Izzy and Ollie.

Made for Kids

Dinoshakes® have been approved by child nutritionist and dietitian, Sarah Almond-Bushell. Sarah, is a mum of two, and a leading child nutritionist, and expert in the
dietary needs of children.

Through perfecting our recipe, and working with experts like Sarah we’ve ensured Dinoshakes® comply with the School Food Standards for flavoured lower fat milk drinks, and follow NHS recommendations for no added sugar, and still taste great!

“I’ve worked with the Dinoshakes team to create a brand new nutritious drink for children and I really think this one fits the bill. Dinoshakes® are fruit flavoured milk drinks, some of which are naturally sweetened from the fruit itself. Their hidden benefit is the prebiotic fibre they contain which turns an ordinary shake into something a bit special. Prebiotics encourage the growth of friendly bacteria which maintain a healthy digestive system as well as having lots of other health benefits. These friendly bacteria may even be linked to a strong immune system, good memory and improved learning!” Sarah Almond-BushellChild Nutritionist

Vegan Approved

Dinoshakes® have been approved by the Vegetarian Society as suitable for vegans, they taste just as good when mixed with alternative milks such as coconut, soy or almond.

However, milk and dairy are good sources of important nutrients so they shouldn’t be cut out of a child’s diet without speaking to a GP or dietitian (www.nhs.co.uk). Children should have at least 350ml (12oz) of full fat or semi-skimmed milk a day, so Dinoshakes® are created to work perfectly with both.
Source: www.nhs.co.uk